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Choosing the right structures to place your sensitive equipment is an important step. Data center racks are sometimes overlooked due to being “just the mechanical part” of data center infrastructure, but they are a critical element in ensuring overall data center performance and efficiency.

There are many factors to consider beyond the length and width of the equipment that needs to be housed. Like the location the equipment is going to places and the size and weight of the equipment. Server racks do more than support your hardware. Aryo provides rack solutions that maximize floor space, minimize cooling costs and effectively manage your cables.

Our data center server rack cabinets combine strength, airflow management and customizability.

Finding the right solution for your data center is a process of collaboration. We’ll work with you from the design phase to installation and even after installation for maintenance. We offer a durable, efficient, and innovative data center rack for the most demanding environments and work with the best brands. For rack enclosures, Aryo mostly uses racks from APC. The NetShelter line of racks is one of the most widely used racks in the space.

Essential characteristics include dimensions, rack unit measurements, weight capacity, rail adjustability, and custom sizing considerations. With more than four decades of experience as a leading data center equipment provider, our products and services make us a trusted partner you can always count on.

Cooling Systems

The thermal management of data centers is a massive challenge. Thermal management is essential for equipment reliability, energy efficiency and preventing data loss. It ensures that individual electronic components operate within their optimal temperature ranges.

The primary heat generation in data centers comes from processing units such as CPU, GPU, and TPUs.

In Row Data Centre Cooling is one of the most popular methods for cooling small to large Data Centers because of its ability to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. With In Row Data Centre Cooling, the units are situated between the racks resulting in far shorter, more targeted airflow.

In Room cooling designs Air Conditioners are positioned around the perimeter of the room and use the raised floor void to deliver cold air around the data center. The cold air is pushed around the room and released or delivered through perforated floor tiles strategically located in the cold aisle.

As an alternative to In Row and In Room cooling, chilled water and liquid cooling distribution units (CDUs and LCDUs) circulate chilled water throughout an entire rack to individual board-level liquid cooling devices. They also consist of a heat exchanger that expels the heat generated within the rack to the data-center level air or liquid cooling system.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provide facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics and make sure your critical systems will keep running during power disturbances such as blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

Aryo works with world leaders in power protection. Solving today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for Data Centers.

Our portfolio of world-class products and services uniquely combines to offer critical power solutions, providing customers with power protection, anytime/anywhere.

In case of a shut-down, any data that is in memory but not saved to a non-volatile storage device such as hard drives will be lost forever. During such an event, failing to have a functioning UPS can mean losing the work of users logged into your system. Aryo will guide you through your options and ensure that this never happens, from choosing the correct UPS, to integrating it with your network monitoring software.

Power distribution systems

The term “data center power” refers to power supply distribution, backup systems, and management tools to ensure that the data center can operate continuously and effectively without any interruptions. 

Power distribution is a huge investment for any data center,
and it is typically expected to have a minimum lifespan of 10
years. The issue is that many of today’s data centers still employ the same power distribution systems that were installed on day one.

Regardless of the type of data center, Scalability should always be a key priority when specifying power distribution architecture.

It is vital that data centers have sufficient elasticity to expand or contract their available power capacity in line with demand. To ensure continuity of efficient power, Data Centers must have bespoke monitoring architecture that can anticipate and react to impending issues that may compromise the power supply and reduce the risk of costly downtime.

Metered PDUs have an integrated current meter to monitor real-time load level for efficient load balancing   and overloads prevention in large data centers. They don’t connect to a data network, but you can use a smart power cable to enable remote monitoring.

Aryo works with industry leaders like Schneider Electric and APC to ensure the best connectivity and prepare your organization for the years to come.

Security & Monitoring

Data center environment monitoring is critical to identify and control threats. By deploying the right sensors and DCIM software, you will maximize uptime, save energy, and save money. Modern DCIM software works out of the box with all leading vendors’ sensors like, Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, Vibration and Water leak detection software.

Environmental Sensors can be deployed as plug-and-play devices that connect to certain models of intelligent rack PDUs, rack controllers, inline meters, monitors and gateway devices. From there, the sensor data can be collected, analyzed, and reported on by your DCIM software or other analytics application. 

At Aryo we only work wit the best brands to ensure the best quality possible. That is the reason we work with reliable partners like APC and Schneider Electric. The NetBotz 250 from Schneider Electric is an affordable environmental monitoring appliance for all IT environments. NetBotz Security and Environmental Monitoring is an active monitoring solution designed to protect against physical, environmental or human threats that can cause disruption or downtime to IT infrastructure.

Modular Data Centers

Aryo is one of the first Companies is Iran to deploy Modular Data centers. With years of experience in the field and the ongoing need for scalable data Center Solutions we decided to build our own Modular data Centers. Our Containerized Prefabricated Data Center or prefab rooms are the best possible solutions for applications in which a small to medium-sized Data Center is required on-site but there is not suitable space within the buildings. 

This innovative product combines state-of-the-art technology with the convenience of modular design, offering a robust and efficient solution for scalable and flexible data infrastructure.

Each container provides the flexibility to expand as your data needs grow. The data center incorporates cutting-edge cooling systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your hardware. Our Modular Data Centers come equipped with advanced security features, including access controls, surveillance systems, and environmental monitoring, safeguarding your valuable data assets.

Read more about our Modular Data Centers here

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